Limitations of 3D – Poly count, file size and rendering times

Poly count

Their are lots of advantages to making 3d graphics compared to 2d graphics, however their are limitations to making 3d graphics which might not occur in 2d. For example, when creating 3d graphics yuo have to consider your poly count? Your poly count is the amount of poly’s being rendered per frame, you render your 3d graphics in a wire frame state first rather than shaded becasue it is much quicker. The poly’s are what make up the 3d object and the more complex and detailed the object the higher the poly count will be.


File size

Another problem with having a high poly count is that the file size will be very high, an this general means you will need a high quality CPU (Central processing unit) to render your work. The better the CPU the more poly’s it can handle and render at once so this gives you quicker work pace but this type of high end equipment has a high end price tag and is expensive so not everyone can afford this type of equipment.

Rendering times

Rendering an animation can ber very time consuming and take hours. Their are ways of avoiding this when you just want to render your animation so you can test the motion and tweak it to the way you want. When you just want test this you should turn off everything that isnt neccersary and will slow down the process like all the detialed shading or hide all enviromental objects that are not needed. These techniques can reduce rendering times by a lot.  



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