Application of 3D

3D is used for all types of different media. From architecture to surgery, 3D comes in handy to create a visual of something in every aspect.

Firstly, 3D is used in the common genre of gaming… It is used in this way to create an artifical world of entertainment for people to use.


Another form of media it is used in is for surgery. Surgens use 3D so that they can visual what they will be doing when they have a big operation. It is helpfull so that they get a feel of what they will be dealing with.


Continuing, 3D is also used for architecture. Architecture’s use 3D images to portray and present what it is they want to build to people. It is very helpful to see it in this source visualy before production is started because they will get to see where everything is and decide whether to go along with the idea or not…


A large part of 3D is used in movies to create scenes that wouldn’t be possible, and also in animated movies. Using 3D allows you to make very imaginitive scenes and lets you go over the top with what you are making. Also you can do what ever you want when you are making an animated movie because you can create anything. Here you can see they used 3D in the backround to create a large pile of dead bodies and the sky. I dont think they could have shot this scene in the way they have without the effects.



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